Now a large amount of garment products in the market, whether you have trouble in making a choice? Which one is original authentic? If you don't know this little secret, it's not easy to identify.

Now more and more apparel manufacturer use it for preventing brand products from forgery, meanwhile, it has decoration purpose. Suzhou Image Laser take you to get the answer------hologram security thread.

Hologram Security Thread.JPG

Security thread, also known as holographic yarn, which is kind high precision slitting thread (width as 0.7-0.8mm). Generally be applied to apparel woven label for brand security & decoration purpose.  It can effectively combat counterfeiting, fake products and secure your brand and products.

security thread for apparel woven label.jpg

Some counterfeit products are very similar, you tend to have a hard time identifying true or false in color, style, material, etc. No matter original manufacturer or consumers, it's not a good thing. Considering this situation, more and more brand apparel start to pay more attention to solving this problem. No doubt, security thread is a great choice.

 security thread.jpg

Suzhou Image Laser Self R & D a high precision security thread, slitting thread is 0.7mm. This security thread is very hard to forge due to complex processing and high security features. For instance, high precision etching, flip-flop, micro text, optical diffraction, etc. We are a technology based company, and all production in house, you will get in time technical support and one-stop solution.

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