professional optical anti-counterfeit industry manufacturer with more than 15 years experience

As a professional optical anti-counterfeit industry manufacturer with more than 15 years experience, we have business partner from 50+ countries. Always adhering to providing one-stop anti-counterfeiting and brand enhancement solution for our customers all around the world.

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1) We have succeeded in supplying hologram overlay for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, 2014 Inchon Asian Games.

Our company provide hanging type hologram badges for them, which used widely in large activities and meeting places. Put the pass in the middle of two pieces laminating film and then use the hot laminating machine for sealing, protect information from tampering.

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2) Provide holographic transfer ribbon for HK-Macau Laissez-passer

HK-Macau Laissez-passer, we call it- G608-CRJ optical Security film. This project took us 3 years to create the unique hologram ribbon film, which comes into use all over the world on Sept, 15th, 2015. This witness all off our efforts for this significant optical security project. Our company's power and strength was recognized again by society and peers, also stood the test of practical application, the success of this project push forward china optical anti-counterfeit tech.

3) Our company get the project of supplying hologram Sticker On Permit Certificate of G20 Summit

All the cars in and out the service area at the G20 summit are affixed visible optical security mark, including honored guests, industrial and commercial representatives, journalists and service staffs in the meeting. It can reflect brilliant light even though in weak light condition, which is apparently different from general printed Id cards. This is a very simple, direct and clear identification method, thus giving people a fresh visual impression.

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4) Hologram tear tape for leading garment enterprise.

Tear tape for garment is also called security thread, holographic yarn, it adopts high precision de-metalized tech & NANO text in Micron Text, slitting thread width can read 0.7mm. This hologram tear tape are widely used for knitting into woven label for the security & decoration purpose.

Except apparel, our hologram tear tape are also applicable to other various items of outer packaging, Such as cigarette, tea, medicine, food, electronics, cosmetic, etc.

Except Hologram Laminating Pouches for 2008 Olympic Games, Hologram Overlay 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games, Optical Hologram Overlay Film for 2014 Inchon Asian Games, G20 summit hologram sticker, holographic thermal transfer ribbon, our company also provide hologram pouch for BOLIVIA Government, hologram id overlay for Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, Asia Paralympics' Games, etc large events, hologram sticker for government department, security thread for national project.