Design feature

Adhering to technical, simple, fashion, natural, and security packaging design concept. 

1. Perfectly combine with technology: Using holographic technology, electron beam, laser carving, ultra-precision CNC machining, electrochemical and so on micro processing tech, formed in the surface of printing products with digital micro-nano structure. Resulting light refraction, diffraction, reflection, scattering, waveguide and other light color phenomenon.

2. Perfectly combine with brand: Not only can display text, graphics, also simulate a variety of natural texture, dynamic performance and three-dimensional images to give the packaging products a sense of life. Follow the no ink dyes, no organic solvents to more low-carbon and eco-friendly, while complex micro-manufacturing process makes imitation more difficult, with security features

 Design cases

G20 Summit Optical Security Sticker Design 


It adopts kinds of optical security techs & features to showcase a beautiful and elegant appearance. Meanwhile keep the meeting safety in order.

The admission tickets is made by our company. It adopts shining high diffraction grating technique, Micro-structure sand silver color achromatic technique, Fresnel lens technique, Pixel photo-etching technique and high resolution laser etching tech, etc. Beautiful and elegant appearance, strong scientific and technical experience, obvious identification features. It can reflect brilliant light even though in weak light condition, which is apparently different from general printed Id cards. This is a very simple, direct and clear identification method, thus giving people a fresh visual impression. 


Security Label box

Optical security sticker box.jpg

Using characteristics of ups and downs desert in the front to form a texture, clean and  elegant.  "label" is the best point which put on the upper right corner, like an oasis in the desert, infinite scenery to you, and good interpretation for NIP brand pursuit of "simplicity, environmental protection, security, low-cost".

Silk packing box

Silk scarves are made of mulberry silk, the most quality in regions south of the Yangtze River. So the packaging idea use special floral windows as a creative source, with a simple style of elegant packing, set off beautiful texture of scarves, result a strong contrast. Window design application which make consumers learn outstanding quality at the first time, fit the product demand.

MACA holgoram wine label

MACA is in South American Native area, so using a large number of Indian elements in packaging, manifests the wild and strong feeling, just fit with demands of MACA wine. The color is very rich, embodies regional culture of the indigenous people in South America again. Packaging structure design with method of quadrilateral chamfering, increased a little soft of whole packaging.

Kun Opera LOQ Label

Big size 3D true color hologram application

Select elements of Kun Opera Peony Pavilion. It can reflect SUZHOU culture and also can be shown by figures of colorful 3D true-color technology.

Design adopts traditional pattern. Calligraphy, adorn with window lattice, make consistent with person composition. And there is contrast between black-white with colors in color collocation, make gorgeous color effect is better.


NIP packaging product: Using micron structure result light refraction, diffraction, reflection, scattering, waveguide to express text and image black-white and color.

Micron structure as following,

Specific rules miscellaneous points and compound cycle line, frequency in 10 ~150 micron, characterized by black and white contrast;

Rules cycle frequency in the 0.3 ~ 10 micron, show color diffraction image;

Irregular cycle frequency in 1 ~ 2 micron, characterized by 3D images.

This invention will graphic information into microstructure structure design to express, through mold to copy a molding printing labels or packaging, reduce production processing and the cost, make packaging more green, low carbon, can replace traditional ink printing and packaging update with green environmental protection, science and technology, fashion, security, etc.


Design combine anti-counterfeiting technology with brand concept to express perfect fusion, make printing and packaging products with green environmental protection, science and technology, fashion and characteristics of security!  Practice brand appeal for real- nice-good printing & packaging, Leading optical anti-counterfeiting industry design new tide!  IMAGE Design Team is on the way and work hard!