Optical Security Items Applied to Tobacco & cigarette Packaging Industry

Tobacco product is the national monopoly product and the tobacco industry is the largest taxation industry in country. Due to profit-driven, the tobacco industry is also the industry that be hurt the most by counterfeit products. In view of the characteristics of tobacco product, we provide a optical security solution that combine various Security Hologram technologies and tobacco products which easy to counterfeit to realize the double security protection of brand product and sales channels of tobacco enterprise.

Our Registered hot stamping hologram sticker, custom hologram sticker, holographic tear tape & No Ink Printed Holographic Packaging Boxes can be used for tobacco packaging items to prevent from forging.

Fixed Stamped Hologram Label for cigarette box

Custom hologram sticker for stick onto tobacco products

2.5mm Holographic tear tape for tobacco decoration & security

easy tear tape (5).jpg

Shiny & anti-fake no ink printed holographic packaging boxes, eco-friendly & security