Could you explain how to make a hologram sticker?

Step 1: we use our dot matrix hologram machine to record hologram image onto photoresist. Through silver coating onto photoresist to make the surface of photoresist metallization processing. Finally get glass hologram origination.


Step 2: Electroforming system to get nickel hologram origination

This electronic forming process will get small size hologram nickel shim for recombination.


Step 3: Recombination machine to press small size hologram n ickel masterronto plastic film to get big size plastic holographic master.


Step 4:: After recombination, we have to coating silver onto plastic hologram master again

and do step#2 job to get a big size hologram master origination.


Step 5. Put holographic master origination into electroforming tank to duplicate nickel hologram shim for embossing. This nickel hologram master can used for embossing hologram sticker.


Step6. To fix hologram nickel shim onto hard hologram embosser to press hologram image onto PET material to get hologram sticker foil which has metalizing layer or coating layer.

Step 7: Coating machine to coat self adhesive onto hologram

the hologram sticker foil will be laminated with releasing liner.


Step8:. Die-cut machine to die hologram sticker into sheets

If rolled hologram sticker, we can operate it with auto-rewind, slitting it into roll.