Name: Heat transfer film for book type certificate
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Hologram anti-counterfeit, UV printing, Laser numbering, Laser pattern


Hundreds of patterns to be chosen




Width and length are customized


Free design


50-250 micron

Product type

Lamination film, transfer film ,hot stamping foil, decorative film


Hologram mould fee is free based on your order quantity


All kinds of certificates/cards

Supply form

Rolls or pieces packing, standard export carton

More Detailed Information About Book Type certificate heat transfer overlay

1. Application: Using on visa information record page on book certificate, like Passport etc.

2. Certify Organization:  Regional public security organization of exit and entry management network

3. How to use: Opening print well page of personal info manually, some countries Regional public security organization have auto machine to open the individual pages, put book into the hot-pressing transmission equipment, so the anti-counterfeit film and book certificate individual page laminate together , then peel off the raw clear film. Finished form a single sheet of protective film.

4. Feature:  Only leave transparent security pattern layer on book  after laminating, which also has a strong personal information anti-tampering function

5. Product Spec. : Finished products in roll packaging, 400pcs per roll

6. Equipment:  Special book certificate heat laminator. 

Application Display


1. What's your sticker material?

Usually we use PET material. The thickness is 25 micron, 30 micron, other thickness is also available.

 2. Can you make anti-peeling or tamper evident hologram labels?

 Yes, we can make it like VOID, honeycomb or customer logo.

 3. Any shape, any color, you can do for me?

 Round, Oval, Square, Rectangular, Triangular, Quincuncial, both are ok. Transparent, silver, gold, yellow, etc

 4. I need hologram hot stamping label, please give me your price indication.

Please help us confirm what material do you apply the hot stamp label. Because the material is different. We can make hot stamp label on cloth, paper, plastic and metal material.

 5. Can you send me some sticker samples?

 Samples are available, we send it for free with freight collect. Kindly provide your express account or please pay the freight to us. We will arrange the samples as soon as possible.

 6. What's your MOQ and price of hologram sticker?

 Our MOQ is 10,000pcs. Because the basic embossing material when machine running for one time is almost 10,000stickers. The detailed price depends on your sticker size, logo artwork, security techs, final order quantity.

 7. Can i use your generic pattern with my printed logo?

 Yes, we can printing your logo on background of our generic pattern, like GENUINE, SECURITRY, etc. you also can add serial number, barcode ,etc.

 8. Why do you need authorization letter?

 We're manufacturer of security products. We need authorization to avoid copy and fake. Moreover, it can protect customer’s brand and products.

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