Heat-resistance Sensitive Documents & Certificate Hot Stamping Hologram Label

Heat-resistance Hot Stamping Hologram Label mainly applied to Sensitive Documents & certificate paper. Stamped high security hologram label onto these documents & certificate paper, then The paper will be issued to the specific place to print relevant information according to different user . Compared with normal hot stamping label, Heat-resistance Hot Stamping Hologram Label can bear high-temperature process of laser Printer without any destruction.


Application: For single piece paper material certificate, book type certificate. And for Visa, University certificate, business license.

Certifying Organization: Visa dept. of consulates. Certificate issuing bureau.

How to use: Firstly hot stamping the register hologram label onto the single piece or book type certificate, then print personalized information in laser printer.

Feature: High security hot stamping label to prevent tampering, resist high temperature after hot stamping.

Product Spec: Roll supply, 3000 pieces per roll.

Equipment: Register hot stamping machine.

Application Reference

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