Optical Anti-counterfeit TechnologyMicro-nano Optical Diffraction

Optical Anti-counterfeit TechnologyMicro-nano Optical Diffraction

Optical Anti-counterfeit Technology

A kind of visual nanometer optical Security Technology. It adopts nanostructure image diffraction techs to has the stable color changes under the reflected light angle.

Dynamic Change Presentations

Nanometer optical Security Technology is recognized as the most security optical security hologram techs, mostly used for state documents projects: Passport, Identification Cards, Driving License, Traffic License, etc legal and special safety documents. Based the upgrades of this technology, Shanghai Guangzhong has achieved a national patent.

Technical Presentations

Hologram Sticker-gy (3).jpg

Application Reference:

Optical diffraction.png

We are IHMA membership, cooperate with numerous projects, for instance, Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, Inchon Asian Games in 2014, G20 summit in 2016, and numerous domestic and foreign student ID, membership cards, PVC cards, admission cards to identity safety.

       We are professional in providing Optical Security Solution .

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