Heat Laminated Patch Hologram Overlay

Heat Laminated Patch Hologram Overlay for Certificates & Documents


strong anti-scratch function

Appropriate Stripping force

1mm smaller of the PVC card

Difficult to lift off after hot press onto cards, anti-fake protect for certificates & documents.

Equipment: PVC ID Card Hologram Laminator.

Application Reference

For standard size PVC credentials, its regular form for foreign driving license and personal certificate, Event ID, Access Card, Travel documents, etc.

patch hologram overlay (2).jpg

Suzhou Image Laser Focus on R & D and Application of Optical Security Technology for 30 years. We manufacture & design hologram sticker, Laminate hologram Overlay for Travel Documents, documents & ID Cards, Package Hologram Tear Tape, mostly for tobacco package. Others like cosmetic & pharmaceutical industry are available. Brand apparel Security Thread reach as thin as 0.7mm, NIP Packaging Boxes, etc.

We are IHMA membership, cooperate with numerous projects, for instance, Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Guangzhou Asian Games in 2010, Inchon Asian Games in 2014, G20 summit in 2016, and numerous domestic and foreign student ID, membership cards, PVC cards, admission cards to identity safety.

We are professional in providing Optical Security Solution .

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