Optical Anti-counterfeit TechnologyDe-metalized Hologram

Optical Anti-counterfeit TechnologyDe-metalized Hologram

Optical Anti-counterfeit Technology

Optical etching is also called de-metalized hologram security tech, which engrave optical image onto hologram master by photochemical etching method, as to present apparent contrast  between transparent color & laser background.  Graphic information resolution is not affected by laser edition area size. It has the feature of accurate location, available to engrave registered image on big rainbow grating hologram master. For example positioned guilloche, micro text, add security without affecting rainbow material to form fixed custom hologram rainbow master

Technical Presentations

windshield sticker (1).jpg

The center of this car windshield hologram sticker is transparent after de-metalize, Accurate etching, the edge is not affected.

Optical anti--counterfeit Hologram Techs.png

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