Optical Etching Security Hologram Application

Speak of Optical etching tech, many people in Security Hologram Industry must be very familiar. It also be called: de-metalized hologram.

 De-metalized hologram Security Tech is amazing, but very difficult to operate. Technically speaking, It can wash the part which you don't want to appear. So technician must be very careful when coat protective glue in case of washing the part you want to reveal. Otherwise you have to do it all over again.

At present, Suzhou Image Laser can reach 0.2mm in thinness by aluminum-washing tech, Only few enterprise can realize this security level all around the world.

Optical Etching Tech Applicatioin

Optical De-metalized Security Tech often used onto Security Hologram Stickers. The part which be washed present transparent effect to satisfy special requirements in design. Combining with product package wonderfully to make it more unique & elegant. Of course, it have the strong of anti-fake effect to prevent counterfeiters from forging.

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