With the rapid development of internet, QR code become a necessary processing technology of products and can be seen anywhere. It plays a striking role in kinds of stickers and packaging very soon.

General QR Code is a kind of visual plain code that can be scanned and copied, it's very hard to get preferably anti-counterfeit effect. Mass copies and printing on common label printing paper seriously disturb the unique identification method.

What exactly kinds of QR Code Stickers is considered anti-counterfeit ?

Image Laser solve your troubles, our company push out a new kind of optical qr code stickers, also known as e identification QR code hologram sticker, which is a informationalized anti-counterfeit sticker which integrates products origins, advertising and marketing through internet. 

At the same time, those QR code stickers will achieve real anti-fake effect by combining multi-security features and QR Code. What's the fuction of this kind of hologram sticker, Now let's have a look together. 

More Demonstration of QR Code Hologram Label

QR Code Hologram Sticker.jpg