Dynamic & Color-changed Optical Pattern? 

What is Optical Diffraction?

Let's  have a look at this picture ( holographic sticker) produced by  Suzhou Image Laser. Do you notice that there are a diamond pattern and  transparent Area.

You will find it has stable color change between red and green when rotate 90 degrees. That's Optical Diffraction tech.

QR Code hologram sticker with optical diffraction.png

So-called Optical Diffraction security hologram tech, it's just that transparent material in reflected light angle has the stable color changes. Optical  Diffraction tech is very difficult to counterfeit. 

That's why many of  brand products, sensitive documents, driving license, National IDs &  travel documents use it. Optical Diffraction hologram tech can be  applied to hologram overlay, security hologram sticker,  etc products.


Here  is a picture of a hologram sticker made by Suzhou Image Laser, which  applied Optical Diffraction security hologram technology.

diffraction hologram sticker.png

Refer to this picture( Optical Diffraction for holographic laminate pouch)

Holographic grating for hologram pouch.gif

Another picture for patch hologram

 optical diffraction for patch hologram.png

This optical hologram technology is extremely complex and difficult to copy, while it's very easy to identify.


Even  though the grating principles of traditional holographic  anti-counterfeit tech is the same as Optical Diffraction, it is more  difficult in the production processing.


Suzhou  Image Laser is very professional in high security optical hologram tech  with more than 3 decades. The company are experienced in brand protect  and government projects. Hologram Laminating Pouch of Pyeongchang Winter  Olympics was produced by Suzhou Image Laser.


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