Micro-nano Texture

At the beginning of the establishment of Suzhou Image Laser, the concept of “Micro-nano Texture” already existed in the minds of Image People. At that time, it was called generic design, a generic laser texture that can be applied to varieties of products. 

Optical micro-nano texture.gif

The birth of micro-nano texture represents that Suzhou Image Laser decided to break the limitation of laser field and explore more wide range of application field. 

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Process characteristics:

Using laser engraving, security hologram technology & E-beam of micro machining technologies to make specific surface grating structure, so that make light refraction, diffraction, scattering and other optical appearance. Using gray shading and color changes to emulate of plant, mineral, biology, fabric, nature, science, abstract art. Such as: stainless steel drawing line, carbon fiber structure pattern, water ripples, braid, bark and other plant grain, marble, landscape clouds, pillar and rainbow. People see these visual surface which is grating decorative grain. This surface decoration products create a new surface decoration visual experience.

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"Micro-nano Texture" can be applied to kinds of package items, Christmas gift decorations,  automotive, home appliances, digital products, decorative building materials composite surface coating, also be used for lamination or transfer on footwear, luggage leather, cloth, paper, which can produce fantastic effect with dynamic, three-dimensional, light and shade swap. It can be seen everywhere in life.

home appliance optical texture.png

In order to satisfy different requirements from various industries, Suzhou Image Laser Self R & D many of texture series.

Micro-nano texture features.png

General pattern material, used for decoration, printing, labeling, can be combined with normal printing process into packaging and labeling products


Brilliant Texture Series

Micro-nano Texture Series (1).JPG


Dynamic Texture Series

Micro-nano Texture Series (2).JPG


Elegant Texture Series

Micro-nano Texture Series (3).JPG

Recently our R & D team developed a series of micro-nano texture which applied to mobile phone cases. You will see them on Galaxy S7 cases. We will focus on mobile phone texture application in next article. 

mobile texture from suzhou image laser

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