High Security Hologram Stickers & Labels

Our hologram stickers can be designed with custom or generic holograms as specific requirements.

As a professional technology-based company, Suzhou Image Laser committed in providing one stop security solution for commercial brand and National IDs projects.


Design team supply customers with free design. In order to add security level, we will combine custom logo with overt, covert, and forensic security features.

These holographic stickers are produced by advanced hologram origination,  sophisticated security hologram features make them almost impossible for counterfeiters to make fake products. 

Security Holographic Stickers, Hologram Labels

Free Hologram Sample.jpg

Square Hologram Stickers, Diamond image, 25mm Square

Square Hologram Stickers.jpg

Silver hologram with background of repeating DIAMOND word

Customized logo is accpetable, we are specialized in custom service.

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Hologram Stickers, Unique QR Code & Serials Printing, 20*35mm, Square

QR Code Hologram Stickers.jpg

Flip-flop hologram with unique QR Code printing, this holographic sticker contains many security features, such as pixel character, micro-nono text, UV ink printing and so on

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Silver Hologram Stickers, De-mentalized, 30mm Round

De-metalized hologram sticker.jpg

Silver hologram with high quality de-metalized process

Guilloche, dynamic hyperfine, will be see under 80X manifyer glass

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Hologram Stickers, Secure Genuine, 30mm Round


Silver hologram with repeating words of Secure & Genuine 

Warranty Vod if Removed Stickers

Personalized logo printing is available

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4 tips to know more about holographic stickers


Free Samples

we are glad to send our samples to you. And samples for free. Our company is ISO 9001:2015 certified, strict quality control system to ensure every hologram sticker product delivered to our customer is qualified. Our holograms have passed RoHS test. And we are national certified security solution manufacturer.


How to get a quote?

If you are interested in our hologram labels, please kindly inform us more details being as follows:













Available Security Features

Our designer will provide unique security solutions for each customer according to specific requirements. Please kindly let us know you want to emphasize on anti-counterfeit, aesthetic appearance or both thing. So that we can stand out your focus.

Our company provides multi-security features, such as overt, covert & forensic security features.

100% custom hologram stickers

Tamper-proof hologram protection

Flip-flop, 2D/3D, True color

Hidden text, Micro-nano text


Application of security holograms

Our security hologram labels are applicable to varieties of brand packages & documents protection.

National IDs

Vehicle Documents

Hologram Tax Stamp

Sensitive Documents & Certificate

Commercial Brand


For more hologram stickers questions, welcome to contact us!

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