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What can we do?

Provide personalized anti-counterfeit & brand enhancement solution

Safety & Secrecy

Protect your privacy Anti Counterfeiting Say NO to forgery

Craft & Design

More than 20 advanced optical technologies to present a eye catching visual deisgn

Price & Service

The price acceptable, the low MOQ, fast delivery

Brand & Package

No ink printing and packaging advocator, leading for security and fashion package

The Most Popular Products

Why choose us?

  • Professional & Attractive Design Solution

    Taking technical, simple, fashion, natural, and hologram security packaging design concept

    1. Perfect combine with Security Hologram technology: Using holographic technology, laser carving, etc micro processing tech, formed in the surface of printing products with digital micro-nano structure. Resulting light refraction, diffraction, reflection, scattering, waveguide and other light color phenomenon.

    2. Perfect combine with brand anti-counterfeit: Not only can display text, graphics, also simulate a variety of natural texture, dynamic performance and three-dimensional images to give the packaging products a sense of life. No ink dyes & organic solvents makes it more low-carbon and eco-friendly, while complex micro-manufacturing process makes imitation more difficult.


  •  Advanced Hologram Master Origination

    Suzhou Image Laser focus on hologram optical anti-counterfeit filed over 30 years and own lots of self-developed micro structure optical mould producing techniques and equipments. This high security dot matrix hologram image is very hard to forge, just because they are from original hologram master which requires extraordinarily specialized and advanced hologram security techs.

    The principle is that by using laser engraving, dot matrix hologram tech, E-beam, electrochemistry, super precision CNC, etc to form Micro-NANO structure on the surface of products, and thus produce light refraction, diffraction, reflection, Scattering, and so on optical colors phenomenon.


  •   We are manufacturer

    Suzhou image laser get ISO9001:2015 Certified to ensure each Security hologram product delivered to our clients is perfect. And we are membership of IHMA and National certified security products manufacturer.

    We sincerely promise you will get refund for defective Security Hologram products. Every hologram sticker, hologram overlay, holographic tear tape, NIP Package box which we produce has to pass strict quality testing before coming out your side. 


  •  Our Partners 

    Suzhou Image Laser are National certificate optical security film service supplier. Cooperate with some big projects, we successfully supply hologram overlay & hologram pouch for Beijing Olympic Games, Guangzhou Olympic Games, Inchon Asian Games, G20 summit and many other national and international events to provide optical security film and obtain praise. For example, we also supply hologram sticker for BOLIVIA project, Security tear tape for branded apparel Bosi deng. etc, our services all over t he world. 


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